Siteworks: Machine control module for excavators

3D Machine Control + Topography in one solution: Measure, grade, check the as-built with your GNSS rover and your Trimble site controler 

    • Digitalize your construction sites with a moderate investment 
    • Improved productivity: centimeter accuracy (guidance and surveying) 
    • Connectivity: share project information in real time by connecting your solution to Trimble WorksManager 
    • Reduced carbon impact 

The Trimble Siteworks surveying platform is now enhanced with a dedicated machine control module for excavators.  

In addition to being used for traditional surveying applications, your Trimble GNSS Rover and controler can be transferred to a hydraulic excavator to become a component of a 3D guidance system. A versatile and flexible solution for upgrading your small machines to 3D guidance with minimal initial investment. 

How can you benefit from this all-in-one solution? 

  • Invest in a tilt compensating GNSS rover (SPS986 or R780 [internal links]) and a controler from our SPS line compatible with Trimble Siteworks [internal link]. 
  • Suscribe to the Guiding option at the time of purchase – it will be activated on your data collector on the Trimble Siteworks software [internal link]. Then our team of field technicians [internal link] will quickly install the machine control kit components on your machine.  
  • Transfer the GNSS rover and the controler from the surveyor rod to the machine in a matter of minutes and use them in the configuration you want: surveying or machine control. The same project model created on Trimble Siteworks is used for both applications


  • Fast and flexible: go from machine control to surveying and back in minutes 
  • Reliability of data collection and accuracy of Trimble machine control systems in 1 tool 
  • Ruggedness of a Trimble solution, designed to withstand extreme job site conditions 
  • Ergonomics and ease of use of the Trimble Siteworks software interface  
  • Ability to create projects in the field 
  • Import and export design data in LandXML format 

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