SX12 – The Total Station Scanner

SX12 : The all-in-one total station – scanning and surveying developed by Trimble.

  • The Trimble SX12 combines a scanner and a total station in one instrument. Collect data quickly and easily: either through traditional surveying with a robotic total station or via a point cloud with the high-performance 3D scanner.

Capture all site data – scanning and traditional measuring

Maximize your field surveys by generating high-density point clouds and geo-referenced images combined with topographic point capture – for highly accurate mapping of your job site. And all with just one instrument: the Trimble SX12 Total Station Scanner.  

Trimble SX12: Trimble Technology at its Best

The latest innovation in our surveying equipment line, the SX12 is a concentration of Trimble’s surveying expertise for construction sites. This instrument combines all the advanced features of robotic total stations with a high-performance 3D scanner that can scan (FR) / measure (BE & PL) 26,600 points per second.  

SX12: the essential tool for surveyors

This total station with a scanner is the ideal tool to quickly and easily perform all the daily applications of surveyors on site:  

  • Traditional point surveys 
  • Calculation of volumes 
  • As-built / as-built (BE& PL) 
  • Follow-up of the progress of the building site 
  • Management of earth movements 
  • Creation of 3D model of the construction site / Modeling of the project 
  • Monitoring and inspection of engineering structures 
  • Scanning of linear projects (rails and roads) including all intersections, networks and urban furniture (overhead power lines, road markings, traffic signs, guardrails…) 

Practical and technical information :

  • Four high definition cameras (8.1 MP) with a large 107x zoom guaranteeing clear and detailed images of distant objects, excellent aiming and vivid colors. This ensures noise reduction on images even in low light conditions.
  • 360 degree point collection
  • Laser point of 3 mm diameter at a range of 50 m
  • 3D scanner function, up to 26,600 points per second – 26.6 kHz measurement rate, up to 600 m
  • 1″ angular accuracy
  • Distance noise of 1.5 mm at 200 m
  • Compatible with : Tablet T7, TSC7 and T100

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